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ARIE RINGELSTEIN was born in Romania in 1934. An orphan and survivor of the holocaust he found his way to Israel as a boy. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces for years including commanding the front lines in 5 wars, leading his troops to victories. Being an orphan creating a family mattered to him a lot. He was married to his wife Rivka Ringelstein for 50 years. He moved his family in his later years to Toronto Canada to enjoy the remaining of his life in peace until his passing in 2009 at the age of 75. Arie was known to conquer any obstacle in his way and alchemize it into love, playfulness and contentment. Arie was a hero to his family.

RIVKA RINGELSTEIN was born in Romania in 1939 only short 64 miles from the birth place of her future husband. A single child who at a very young age escaped the atrocities of WWII in Europe. Rivka also found her way to Israel to start a new life in the newly formed Jewish state. Her dedication, commitment and hard work persisted over the many obstacles life presented. Her love for Arie and unshakable courage has made her a hero to her family. Rivka has survived Arie and is now in her mid-seventies enjoying life of contentment in Toronto Canada.

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